gym Membership

Your time, your goals - keypad entry, lockers & showers $79

Class membership

As many classes as you can take - unlimited $99

Gym + class membership

Gym (keypad entry, lockers + showers) + unlimited classes $129

THe Railyard PROGRAM

The Railyard Program is 3 months and the perfect way to JUMP START your new fitness goals. Why 3 months? 12 weeks is statistically the amount of time necessary to really make a lifelong change in your lifestyle. If you are trying something new or pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, then full immersion is the fastest way to reach your goals.

How do I know if the Railyard Program is right for me?

  1. Are you ready for a change?

  2. Do you have fitness goals?

  3. Do you want to track your progress?

  4. Would you like to work with a personal trainer?

  5. Do you want unlimited access to the gym and classes?

If you answered yes to at least 3 of these questions, it is really likely that the Railyard Program is right for you. It is only 3 months, and then you can decide what your next step is. $149 per month.

We like to meet our members before you sign up! 

(We don't sell memberships online.)

Good Things To Know

Are you ready to join but want to test drive how it feels? Let us know, we are happy to invite you for a complimentary visit.

We like to meet our members before you sign up, so we do not sell memberships online.

Our memberships are month to month, there are no long term commitments or sign up fees.

We love questions. EMAIL or CALL 505 983 7909