Railyard Fitness believes that Fitness is Freedom. Through our physical and mindful exercise classes, personal training, fitness assessments, and uniquely designed fitness space, Railyard Fitness is your functional fitness gym. 

The gym is filled with light, large garage door and plenty of space. The pressure is off and the workout is on. We want you to feel good while working out in an extraordinary space.

We offer a high end facility with privatized needs at a low monthly rate.

At Railyard Fitness you decide what program is best for you, we are your support. As a member the basics include keypad entry, lockers and showers. Everything else, you choose.

We offer the Railyard Membership, which is the heart and soul to our personal belief in ultimate fitness. Ultimate Fitness is defined by one question, are you engaged with your body?  Can you move easily? Do you feel comfortable moving?  Are you focused on strength, flexibility and endurance? Our gym is set up to be your ultimate space to develop and explore your relationship with your body by providing all the key successful elements. 1. fitness assessments to establish a fitness baseline 2. personalized 6 week gym program (no need to figure it out) 3. classes for diversification

The Railyard Membership is the ultimate package that makes fitness and your goals easy.

From basic membership to hands on personal training, Railyard Fitness offers individual freedom and attention to help you feel your best. 

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  • Rower                                                             TRX Bands

  • Ellipticals                                                        Olympic Rings

  • Treadmills                                                       Dip/Chin Machine

  • Free Weights                                                  Inversion Table

  • Heavy Bags                                                    Boxing Gloves

  • Plyo Boxes                                                      Squat Racks

  • Yoga Mats & Blocks                                        Recumbent Bike

  • Assistant Pull-Up Bands                                  Seated Chest Press

  • Battle Rope                                                      Seated Lat Pull

  • Suspended Climbing Rope                             Olympic Bench

  • Barbells                                                           Balance Boards

  • Wall Resistance Bands                                    Balance Disks

  • Spin Bikes                                                       Bosu Balls

  • Leg Press                                                        Jump Ropes

  • Kettlebells                                                       Foam Rollers

  • Body Bar                                                         Medicine Balls

  • Lockers                                                           Showers

  • Yoga Mats                                                       Yoga Blocks + Straps