what is vip coaching?

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At Railyard Fitness our personal training is outstanding. We listen, focus on your needs and workout, plan the steps to your success, and hold you accountable. Using a heart monitor, a bluetooth body composition scale and our fitness app, we personalize the perfect workout and nutrition program for you. Here is what we do:

  • Personal Heart Rate Program

  • Anti-Diet Personal Nutrition Program

  • Body Composition Tracking

  • Virtual + Mobile Coaching

  • Workout Tracking

  • Holistic Wellness

VIP Coaching is mobile, it goes everywhere you go, and it allows your trainer to hold you accountable even when you are not at the gym. At Railyard Fitness every trainer is going to give you the best training personalized just for you. Your trainer monitors every workout and every meal. Since VIP Coaching is mobile it allows your trainer to help you all week long for greater and faster results. Standard workouts burn calories for 2-3 hours after your session is complete. With a heart monitor, we can see exactly what your body is doing, which means we can keep you in your target zone and extend your calorie burn for up to 36 hours. We will set the right program for you based on your goals whether its weight loss, performance or general health.


People who track their weight are twice as likely to reach their goals.

With our body comp scales, we keep you on track and accountable, a sure way to reach your goals.

Our trainers don’t just give you an amazing workout, they advise you on your nutrition plan and then help you stay accountable. Our nutrition program is totally unique, it it like the Instagram of food plans. Forget calorie counting and macros, get familiar with what you eat in a whole new way. Just snap a shot of your food, and your trainer will give you feedback. It is that simple.

Get familiar with what you eat in a whole new way.

Get familiar with what you eat in a whole new way.

VIP Coaching is the best decision I ever made. The results have been phenomenal and it is worth every penny.
— Mary C.


$149 - One time fee, includes your heart monitor, app set up and fitness assessment.

$49 - Monthly fee, includes your nutrition plan, weekly check-in’s and monthly fitness assessments.

Choose Your Workouts: 30min trainings/$55 or 55min trainings/$80 • We offer a 5% discount with a package of 10 or more trainings.


Expect the best when you commit to yourself!

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