Personal training is an important decision and Railyard Fitness takes it very seriously. Our trainers listen. Our trainers care. Our trainers get results. The secret is nimble training based on privatized needs and dedication to our clients. We are in the business of helping people, which is an honor we really value. If you are looking for a trainer, come meet with us. We pair clients based on your needs. The visit and consultation is free of charge.

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Douglass Lawder - Owner & Personal Trainer, 

Douglass has been an athlete and involved in the fitness world for over 25 years. In the training world, Douglass is known for his focus, ability to listen, innovative exercises, and dedication to his clients. These same qualities permeate his Gym.



And Certified In: Personal Training • HITT • Yoga • Spin • TRX • Muay Thai Kickboxing

Sports Nutrition • Health Fitness Specialist


Joris (Jo) Van Cutsem

I, aka our Belgium Ironman, moved to the states over 16 years ago. 

Jo is an avid biker, hiker, skier, snowboarder, trail runner, endurance racer, and triathlete. He is an Ironman finisher, as well as having completed ultra-triathlons.



With endurance sports, comes patience, persistence, and mental fortitude to keep going. Jo understands the importance of a healthy body and lifestyle in order to be competitive. Jo is passionate about fitness and loves helping others discover their potential.


Certified By: ACE

And Certified In: Personal Training • Spin

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