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your time, your goals - keypad entry, lockers & showers $64.99

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Please contact us with any questions you may have.  505 983 7909 or EMAIL




Kettlebell 6:30am

Cycling 12:15pm

Yoga Flow 5:30pm


Kettlebell 5:30am

Kettlebell 6:30am

D's Choice 12:15pm

Circuit Fit 5:30pm

Kettlebell 7:00pm


Kettlebell 6:30am

Cycle 12:15pm

Yoga Flow 5:30pm


Kettlebell 5:30am

Kettlebell 6:30am

D's Choice 12:15pm

*Circuit Fit 5:30pm

*Cycling 6:00pm

*Kettlebell 6:15pm



Kettlebell 6:30am

Cycling 12:15pm


Kettlebell 9:00am

TriFit 9:00am


Kettlebell 10:15am


The Hard Class

The hard class is really, really hard and the ultimate challenge to your fitness. The class starts off with circuit training with Douglass, followed by a cycling or kettlebell class. The great thing is that you get to choose what class to add to your circuit training! If you want to jump on a bike with Jo or grab a kettlebell with Walter, its up to you. You choose your own workout combo! We promise one thing, if you want to burn, if you want to be pushed to your max, this is the class for you. Our motto is, "no person left standing."

Circuit Fit

If you're looking for a full-body workout in 30min or less, circuit training is for you. You get the benefits of muscle building and toning, along with an intense cardio workout. This class utilizes a variety of equipment including TRX bands, olympic rings, climbing rope, plyo boxes, battle rope and the ultimate equipment, your body. The class varies, the one constant is that we will drive the cardiovascular system into a high intensity fat burning machine.


An iron ball with a handle—an unlikely dance partner. Yet, apply the right kind of effort and this unprepossessing hunk of metal unfolds its dynamic potential. Swings, lifts, squats, presses, carries and other functional movements done with the kettlebell increase strength, endurance, power and flexibility. Confidence that carries over into everyday life. Movement that matters. Come see what it's all about! Kettlebell is fun, varied and challenging, emphasizing safety, proper form and individual attention.
All classes are one hour and include warm-up and cool-down. Flat-soled shoes or bare feet recommended.


Tri-Fit is an excellent way to efficiently get your workout in, combining all three modes of fitness; cardio, strength and flexibility. Combining cycling, weights, TRX bands and yoga, this 45 minute class is challenging, keeps you on your toes, and is always fun. Short intense bursts of physical exercise multiple times a week will get you the results you want.


Cycling will burn the maximum amount of calories with a low impact, high intensity cardiovascular workout. Classes focus on endurance and strength interval training. Expect to build your aerobic stamina while building lower body strength. Pedal to fun beats and challenge your workout thresholds.  45min.

D's Choice

Douglass has been a personal trainer and teacher for over 25 years, and his classes are always different and based on, well, his mood. The only thing any of us know, is that it will be a good class, a great workout, and with a super knowledgeable teacher. 30 min - in and out and back to work on time.

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow is perfect for stretching, increasing strength and grounding. And at Railyard Fitness our yoga classes are also fun, light and a great workout set to modern music. We have created the perfect balance between poses and transitions for a great flowing class. 45 min for BEGINNERS

If you have any questions, we would love to talk to you. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Call 505 983 7909 or EMAIL to find out more about classes, personal training or fitness assessments.